Who Wants to Be a Rock Star?

3 min readSep 6, 2022

OurSong gives the stage to independent artists looking to share their creations.

The universe is full of stories of musicians trying to find their legions of fans: stories of trying to get a demo into the right hands; stories of artists found playing in half-empty dive bars ending up performing in large stadiums in front of thousands of adoring fans. For every John Legend, there are likely thousands of John Does- not due to lack of talent, but perhaps only due to the artists’ lack of access to a fanbase or a venue to perform. OurSong was created to change that.

This NFT-based social platform has us as music lovers and listeners rethinking the relationship between the artist and the public by making any music accessible to all. No longer will aspiring musicians have to wait to be ‘discovered’ in hard-to-find locales in order to be heard. Using OurSong, creators mint their music into their own NFT’s, which are known simply as NFT’s, and add them to the world’s largest independent artist library. Within this library’s ecosystem, they can connect with like-minded artists, fans, and so much more.

This ‘much more’ part is what adds so much to the value of OurSong. An OurSong-sponsored contest held earlier this summer challenged its growing number of followers to compose their own original pieces and post them in the OurSong Discord channel where they could be heard by all of OurSong’s subscribers. Out of dozens of entries, 6 lucky winners were selected to share a prize of $2000 USDC and a chance to further promote their creations. These six winners are the essence of OurSong — music lovers with different backgrounds and styles from locations far and wide, all looking for a place to share their sound, be it gospel, EDM, rap or something else.

For @eelliii, playing guitar is a safe space. With a late-blooming interest in music, @eelliii admittedly participated in the contest for the money, but is passionate about creating music based on past experiences. Also a guitarist, @bryleyy comes from a musical family and considers the composition process fun and light. @musikavi has been performing as a musician for 8 years and writes from reality as though talking to listeners. @Yberger sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and starts composing. She wanted to participate in the contest because she wanted to share her music with wonderful people she’d been interacting with on the OurSong Discord. And @NjCee, in addition to composing, is a member of a rap group, a hip-hop band, and is looking to start a record label.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with the level of participation and the results with these and other heartfelt, creative expressions through music. By minting the NFT, OurSong gives these and others the ability to empower themselves by creating their own fanbases and the opportunity to profit from their work (and access to some remarkable exclusive content and perks). Their creations can now become collectibles, transferrable and tradeable in a marketplace. And while these artists are all different, one thing they do have in common: they are in control of composing their music in its entirety — how they make it, why they make it, when they make it, and sharing it as they see fit. That’s the way music is supposed to be.

About OurSong

OurSong began as a blockchain research project at the Ideation Lab of KKCompany, Asia’s leading media technology company, which launched the world’s first on-demand music streaming services in 2004. OurSong is constantly exploring ways to discover and develop new business models, and is expanding its scope of business to include music streaming, live events, technology services, content, investments, and more in the digital entertainment space. OurSong is part of Our Happy Company.

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