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4 min readMay 29, 2021



OURSONG was built on a much deeper purpose than democratizing NFTs. In fact, void of NFTs and other tech buzzwords of late, we stand by a much higher moral purpose and conviction — building digital liberty. Let me explain.

All technology founders and companies have fancy mission statements and a worldview that often boils down to making the world a better place, connecting people, democratizing something that people didn’t know needed to be democratized. Fair enough, what else are you going to say right? However, the biggest problem is when you look closely at their business models and products, you start to discover the opposite or the many tradeoffs they have failed to mention. They forget to mention the liberties users are thus made to sacrifice at the expense of keeping these platforms alive. I do not think all intended for it to be this way but the truths of scaling often lead to compromise.

OURSONG does not compromise on our conviction to connect people who share passions and beliefs and we have simply chosen to begin our journey by making blockchain and NFT technology accessible, affordable and amiable to everyday people.


That old saying “there are other fishes in the sea” reminds us to not get tunnel visioned. The NFT mania that has been brewing of late is not a reality that the average person can enjoy much less benefit from. Every player has a noble story and some next generation patent pending curve jumping scalable enterprise solution to build NFTs for some segment of the some market. But when you strip away the floss, you realize it is just rich tech progressives and early adopters making themselves richer at the expense of everyday people who may have FOMO-ed in from the fuss they created. This happened in the first dot com bubble, it happened in the 2017 ICO mania and it is happening now. Moreover, we have let social media platforms literally profit from our digital footprints through paid advertising and often, the unethical proliferation of data for capitalist purposes. How much do you think all of your Facebook interactions for the last decade is worth? Multiply that by 2 billion times and you will start to notice we have completely lost our freedoms and rights to our ideas and expressions. We do not live in the digital utopia that platforms make it out to be. We live in a pseudo cyber-socialist dimension where we all pay for these platforms through our addiction to attention, curiosity, envy, fear and in their defense, convenience. Big tech controls how we experience their product and yet we keep giving because we are addicted to the false notion that connection births the attention we need. Make no mistake that we the creators as well as audiences are mining their wealth through our addictive usage of these services.


The song in OURSONG does not refer only to a seven figure one of one demo by some famous singer. The song is that of the people. We all deserve the right to assetize our digital activities and creations across cyberspace. OURSONG believes that everything with an emotional sentiment can become an NFT. We call them Vibes because we recognize there is a soul within. We believe that NFT is just the beginning of the assetization of the Internet. Whether it is a piece of content, individual thought, an online experience or footprints of our engagement, blockchain technology’s emphasis on immutable records and distributed ledger is exactly its most valuable promise to the future and mankind. It is the world’s biggest database built for the people and rightfully, to be controlled by the people and not Elon Musk’s Twitter.

OURSONG gives people an easy to use affordable tool to create and sell NFTs. Yes, NFT for everybody. NFTs for the average Joe or Mary. We hope that everyone can have access to turning their ideals and creativity into digital assets. So while NFT platforms are running to get big name celebrities to endorse their products by releasing drops that no average person’s wallet can afford, we believe that our time and product is better utilized in activating underserved communities of purpose and passion fueled by a reciprocal Thank You economics.

If you listen closely, can you hear the people sing? Can you hear their people’s voices? Their stories are as unique and valuable as that of celebrities we celebrate. Our societal norms that celebrate celebrities MUST CHANGE. We all deserve celebration especially in a digital future we can read, write and own.

If you are a reporter writing about something happening on OURSONG, just know we get more excited knowing the fact you yourself can make your article or the story behind putting together the article in an NFT. That story is as priceless as your ideals.

If you are someone with something to share, OURSONG welcomes you to joining our choir of the future.






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