John Legend’s OurSong and Top Design School Are Schooling Creators About The Future Taiwan’s Most Prestigious Design School Reimagines The NFT Experience

3 min readMay 6, 2022

Taipei, Taiwan, (May 6th, 2022) — Our Happy Company, the company behind social NFT platform OurSong, has announced a partnership with Taiwanese’s most prestigious design school Shih Chien University’s Department of Communications Design, in an effort to shed further light to everyday use cases of NFTs by designers.

With pandemic cases rising quickly in Taipei, Shih Chien University, one of the world’s top 30 design schools ranked by Business Week, are pre-selling their physical and digital collectables by issuing NFTs created by graduating students ahead of their annual Degree Show.

“Using OurSong’s NFT voucher feature, we are reimagining our Degree Shows and plugging our students into Web3,” said Rex Takeshi Chen, Chairman of the school’s Department of Communications Design. “The Principle and the Dean are supportive and very excited about collaborating with OurSong, for the first time we are able to curate a decentralized-themed show where every single design work is now also an NFT, encapsulated on blockchain forever.”

Since its launch in February, OurSong has been growing rapidly as creators new to NFTs flock to take advantage of its easy to use mobile app based NFT creation tools. This month, OurSong launched their digital voucher feature, allowing creators to allow buyers to use purchased NFTs, known as Vibes on OurSong, for access to offline activities and physical goods. With early access to this feature, Shih Chien’s graduating class of Communications Design sent vouchers to exhibition goers, letting them redeem their much sought after yearbooks which showcase stories of exhibits. These Vibes include digital content such as interviews and video content storytelling their creations.

Shih Chien has a long history of innovating design in the island nation’s cultural landscape. Its culture of nurturing artistic excellence has made it the most sought after learning environment for some of Taiwan’s top designers and artists. Past alumni include Mandopop icons like Ashin, Vivian Hsu and R&B soulstress 9m88.

“Our mission is to empower creators by making technology fun and easy to use,” said Chris Lin, OurSong’s co-founder and CEO who also co-founded KKBOX, the world’s first legal music streaming platform, “I am excited to see what Shih Chien’s students will do with our app. They are amongst the most brilliant designers in Taiwan and we look forward to them shedding light on how we can continue to improve our user experience.”

Our Happy Company was founded by veteran entrepreneurs from the streaming and entertainment industries, including renowned musician and producer John Legend; founder of KKBOX, Chris Lin; and founder of Twitch, Kevin Lin. The company’s flagship product, OurSong, is a mobile NFT platform designed to give creators, including musicians and artists, a more equitable way to generate digital creations, monetize their work, and build communities around them.

About Our Happy Company

Founded by veteran serial entrepreneurs from the streaming and entertainment industry, Our Happy Company is building blockchain technology for the creator economy. The company’s first mobile application, OurSong, is a consumer social NFT platform that allows users to easily discover, create, and trade NFTs while building social followings and digital communities. The founding team is based in Singapore, Taipei, and Los Angeles.

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