John Legend and Our Happy Company Announce the Launch of Social NFT Platform OurSong

4 min readFeb 11, 2022


We are making NFTs more accessible, providing more equitable opportunities for creators to monetize their work, and building digital fan bases

John Legend, Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of OurSong

NFTs are becoming more accessible. Earlier this week, OurSong was officially launched globally. As a social NFT platform, OurSong aims to offer an entry point to NFT creation and ownership. As part of the global launch, we have unveiled 12-time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend as its Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer. Together, John Legend and the team behind Our Happy Company developed OurSong to build a better system for creators to be discovered, monetize their work, and engage with fans through NFTs.

While many platforms require complicated and costly processes for NFT creation and ownership, OurSong does not require users to hold a separate cryptocurrency wallet outside the app and NFTs can be created, shared, or purchased for as little as a few dollars. It offers an easy-to-use mobile experience that makes NFT ownership and the social and digital benefits that come with it, as simple as a few clicks on a phone.

“As it currently stands, navigating the NFT landscape is incredibly confusing. It’s reserved for such a small subset of users,” said Chris Lin, Co-founder, and CEO of Our Happy Company. “We’re hoping to democratize this technology and make it as mainstream as social media, streaming, or any of the other technologies we take for granted today. Our platform is intentionally built to make NFT ownership as approachable as possible, so anyone previously intimidated by the technology can gain access to it.”

Chris Lin, Co-founder, and CEO of Our Happy Company

NFTs on OurSong, called ‘Vibes’, build an important layer of social utility that is currently missing in many existing NFT projects. On OurSong, creators can attach content and privileges to each NFT, including access to music, chatrooms, augmented reality experiences, and more. It offers creators, including musicians, artists, and photographers, a more equitable way to generate digital creations, monetize their work, and build communities around them.

“NFTs hold so much promise in ushering in the next generation of singers, songwriters, photographers, artists, and more,” said John Legend. “I helped found OurSong because I believe NFTs can change the way creators are discovered, improve how they serve their biggest fans, and reshape the industry as a whole. That starts with building a platform that serves all creators, whether they have one hundred fans or one hundred thousand.”

With OurSong, a musician could create digital cover art that also gives owners access to unique audio clips or other content. A streamer could produce and sell access to a branded digital asset that also grants owners access to an exclusive chatroom. The ease-of-use and built-in social functionality help users grow their fan bases and open up a new dimension for creators to turn their creativity into monetizable content.

Legend co-founded OurSong to help promote better opportunities for content creators by making the NFT experience more accessible to everybody. As part of the launch of OurSong, John and the co-founding team will work to spotlight unique creators all over the world, and bring greater opportunity and equity to creative expression.

As previously mentioned, the team behind OurSong comes from a diverse background across music, technology, and other creative disciplines. It includes Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch; Matt Cheng, founder of Cherubic Ventures; and Chris Lin, CEO of KKCompany.

“NFTs can be so much more than a digital collectible,” said Kevin Lin. “OurSong is showcasing how the technology can be the next wave of change for digital interactions, content-driven communities, and so much more.”

The OurSong mobile app is available in English, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Japanese languages on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Additional language support is on the way.

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About OurSong

OurSong began as a blockchain research project at the Ideation Lab of KKCompany, Asia’s leading media technology company, which launched the world’s first on-demand music streaming services in 2004. OurSong is constantly exploring ways to discover and develop new business models, and is expanding its scope of business to include music streaming, live events, technology services, content, investments, and more in the digital entertainment space. OurSong is part of Our Happy Company.

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