Introducing Ourcoin

Token Allocation

Phase One Rollout

Team and Investor

Ecosystem Fund

  • Marketing:
    Releasing Ourcoin to the community through marketing campaigns and activities is an important chapter of building a healthy ecosystem for Ourcoin. OURSONG shall randomly and frequently launch various marketing campaigns and activities to acquire and activate users, to facilitate the community and the platform as well as promoting NFT content. A variety of incentives and programs including airdrops, rewards for referrals and content creation, bounty programs and various crossfield partnerships globally.
    To honor Ourcoin holders, the amount of token would be considered for extra bonus and benefit in campaigns through staking. Users can enjoy priority notification, airdrops and bidding. These privileges will be proportional to the amount of Ourcoin held. Ourcoin holders are also welcomed to offer suggestions and feedback to OURSONG’s governance.
  • Partnership:
    OURSONG’s will allocate this portion of Ourcoin’s Phase One supply to seeking advisors, strategic partners, and numerous collaborators in,
    A. Platform development
    B. NFT creation and cultivation
    C. Ourcoin ecosystem growth
    Vesting periods will be applied accordingly.
  • Curator:
    Curator to catalyze different forms of arts and performances in every category and country. To generate the best of NFT creations, OURSONG plans Curator Reward for bringing more creators to the NFT world.
    The vesting periods for Curator Rewards would vary according to the natures of curation projects. The longest vesting period could be up to four years.

Liquidity & Private Sale


  1. Staking Reward
    The minimum amount per stake is 100 Ourcoin. The rewards are proportional to the amount staked as shown in the Staking Reward Table. The minimum duration of one stake is 14 days. A user may start staking any day and unstake any day after 14 days.
  2. Discount on Marketplace Transaction Fee
  3. Priority and privilege in marketing campaigns and promotional activities. (See Ecosystem Funding section above)

Marketplace Liquidity Mining

  • Total Transaction Volume in X month (TTV)
  • User Transaction Volume in X month (UTV)
  • Total Transaction Fee in X month (TTF)
  • User Marketplace Liquidity Mining Reward (UMR)
  • X month = the month to assign Marketplace Liquidity Mining Reward

Token Utility and Benefit

Governance Right

  • Proposal Rights
  • Petition Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Final Approval Rights
  • Access Rights

Favor of Marketplace Fee

  • Marketplace fees (with discount rate from time to time)
  • NFT creation fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Gifting
  • Other future fee types

OUR Repurchasing Plan


Our Vision of the Future


Co-founding Curators


NFT For The People

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